Really useful things to buy on Amazon to make your life easier


Check out this list of really useful things to buy on Amazon. Great stuff to buy for yourself or as a gift for a friend or family. Whoever it is who gets one of these items will have a great time utilising it in their everyday life. Check out the list of handy stuff below and click through to buy directly from Amazon and have it shipped directly to your home or where ever is convenient for you.


Gerber Steady Tripod Multi-Tool

The tripod multi-tool incorporates a camera tripod and the outdoor multi tool. This tool comes with an inbuilt cell phone and camera mount that is easily adjustable to the correct fit. There are two legs in this multifunctional gadget which act as the tripod stands. The product is light in weight and easy to carry along during your outdoor adventures. When the gadget is used, its maximum length is 6 inches, and when it is in storage, it’s a maximum length is 4 inches. There is also a suction cup that helps hold your cell phone firmly.

This ensures the phone does not slide and fall off when mounted on the tripod. On the overall, this gadget has twelve components. Inbuilt on the gadget are the plier, the bottle opener, a knife with a serrated blade, a knife with a fine edge blade, a wire cutter and three screwdrivers. The tripod legs can be easily folded when the tripod is not in use. The overall gadget can also be easily detached into smaller components by unscrewing the parts. For your next camping trip or adventure in the outdoors, carry this gadget with you so that you can quickly and safely document your memories. Buy it here.



Men’s Performance Outdoor Sports Sandal and Recovery Sandal


This sports sandal, made for the outdoors is a great addition to a man’s sportswear wardrobe. The performance sandal is made of plus foam which can be recycled. This makes it an environmentally friendly asset to have. It is designed with four toe posts which make the foot hold firmly to the sandal. This means you do not need to keep your toes clinched to avoid slip outs. You can also be sure that with this sandal, you do not run the risk of sweat and bacteria build up.

This is because the sandal has a closed construction that is moisture resistant. The heel comes in a neutral zero drop design for enhanced comfort to the wearer. Whenever you are exposed to wet surfaces, the sole gains a firmer grip. This makes the sandal one of the best to wear when boat riding or carrying out other water based activities. For your overall health and muscle comfort, the sandal comes with an ergonomic foot bed that has an arch to support the fasciitis. If you love the outdoors, adventure, great performance and enhanced comfort, this is the sandal you must have in your outdoors closet. Buy it here.

O-Cedar Micro Twist mop

1 and 2, 1 and 2 and 3, go! If you thought Twist is just a dance, well, it’s time to boogie and get some enlightenment. Twist not only means having fun like it’s 1960 but it also means clean your home like someone is paying you and have fun. Imagine that. Twist like there is no tomorrow, with super O-Cedar Micro twist microfiber mop that will make cleaning your home less of a boring thing to do.
The paradox of this mop is that the name says twist, but you actually don’t have to do the twist – the mop does it for you. It covers more area, so you won’t have to boogie with a mop all day long. You also won’t have to do the second round of cleaning, as this twister mop is dancing everywhere and really doing that cleaning for you.
Say goodbye to boring mops that make you fatigued like you danced all night. Order a real deal, a mop that dances for you.



The odorless Toilet Fan

An easy and fast solution to getting rid of toilet odour is now available in the market. The fan unit not only gets rid of bad smells but also kills bacteria. The jet engine of this fan is turbine and is usually inserted in the toilet tank. It then sucks out all the foul air from your toilet and carries it in a vent pipe. The foul air then passes through carbonated filters made of charcoal, making it clean and without any smell. This fan unit comes with battery that is designed to last for long and has a charger that comes with it.

The fan is also equipped with a sensor that automatically turns the fan off and on as the need may be. The sensors detect your presence when you start using the bathroom and immediately switches the fan on. This sensor will also alert you when the battery is about to die so that you can charge it. You can be assured of a clean and fresh toilet especially when you have guests over. Any #2 smell will never leave the toilet bowl and you do not need to buy air fresheners every other time. It is a cost saving device that is long lasting. Buy it here.



Snap Power Guide Light

The guide light is another multi-purpose item that you must have in your home. The cover plate helps protect your sockets and also provides a night light which is energy saving. With this cover plate, you get the freedom to use a night light while still having your power sockets functional. The cover plate comes with two outlets, and the bottom has the night lights. Installing this cover plate is super easy and takes only a few seconds. The cover plate is installed by screwing it on the wall with the screws that are provided. It holds comfortably and firmly on the wall for efficient use.

The cover plate also comes with sensors that automatically turn the lights on and off depending on the brightness of the light in the surrounding environment. The plastic casing means that you will not run the risk of electrocution. The cover plates emit warm white light that provides you with the required brightness to carry out activities in the dark. The cover plate comes with LEDs that are long-lasting, offering service for up to 25 years. The energy savings by this plate cannot be overlooked. Buy it here.




Elekcity Digital Body Scale

It is always important to be gentle with yourself. But, it is also important to be realistic, so you know what you must improve. Stepping on a scale can be as traumatic as bungee jumping off a super old bridge for the first time, just multiplied. As scary as it is, we all have to face our weight sooner or later. That is why it is important to have a good scale, to help you achieve your body goals and maintain your weight. This scale will show you the truth. It is called Elekcity Digital Body Weight scale, and it is pretty and not so scary to step on.
It is super reliable, has LCD screen and 4 high precision sensors, so you won’t have to faint in shock every time you step on it, because you will know that what the screen shows is your reality. Other scales vary too much, and therefore increase all the stress you don’t have to go through.
Maintain your weight and buy this super precise scale from Amazon, for a bargain price.


Leatherman – Tread Bracelet, the Travel-Friendly Wearable Multi-Tool, Stainless Steel (FFP)

The leathermam tread bracelet allows you to carry your basic tools with you anywhere and at any time. It is a stainless steel multi-tool wearable bracelet that ensures you have the basic tools to sort everyday emergencies. Due to the stainless steel material used to make it, there is no risk of corrosion in the long run. The bracelet has 25 tools which include a box wrench, oxygen tank wrench, screwdrivers, hex drives, glass breaker, cutting tools and bottle openers among others. Each of these tools is available in different sizes. This increases the range of use for the tools.

The bracelet gives you the comfort of knowing you can solve most problems at any time. Always stay prepared with this tread bracelet regardless of where you are. The bracelet is made of links that are easily interchanged to offer a majority of the listed tools. The links can be easily customized to give you the tools you need and use the most. The bracelet can also be adjusted to fit different wrist sizes at any time. If you need more links, they can be bought separately. The bracelet looks very stylish, and so you will still look great wearing it. The bracelet comes with a 25 year warranty. Great for hiking, camping, fishing and around the house. This fantastic and multifunctional product can be bought here.



Ceramic Eclipse NFC Ring – The Original Programmable Smart Ring for NFC Enabled Devices


The ceramic NFC smart ring allows you to perform a number of functions on your tablets and smartphone. You can easily lock and lock your smartphone and your tablet with this ring. Smartphones and other mobile gadgets are not the only ones operated with this smart ring. You can open doors, share information and link people with this ring. The ring has two inlays sealed on the inside. The inlays are NFC tags which make it possible for you to program the two sides for different purposes. You can program your door from one side and your phone from the other side. The ring makes it very easy to control different applications at a go. This ceramic smart ring is water resistant and does not require any charging for it to function. The ring is available in different sizes to fit different users and can be easily exchanged if it does not fit you. It is a cool gadget to wear and not easily detectable. Get this ring and explore all the different customizable settings you can achieve.


Hitchrific RQH001 the Reel Quik Hitch

The Hitchrific quick hitch is designed to make hooking up your trailer easy even when you are alone. The hitch has an amazing towing capacity of 6000lb meaning it can pull very heavy weights. The hitch has a 15-inch flexibility in any direction, making it very flexible to handle. Installation is also easy as you just need to hook the ball to a trailer coupler. This hitch fits in a 2 inch standard receiver and the ball can be repositioned in six different ways. With this trailer hitch, you are sure that your trailer will be safely hooked to a towing vehicle and the hitch will hold firmly.

The other amazing thing with this hitch is the fact that it is not just for towing purposes. You can easily attach your boat or cargo carriers to the back of your car with this hitch. This makes transportation so much easier and efficient. Its flexibility in swinging makes it easy to move the cargo carrier when you want to access the back of your car. The hitch is designed to prevent you from backing your car your trailer and damaging it EVEN when you are ALONE! This fantastic hitch can be purchased here.



Tesla Coil Lighters: USB Rechargeable Windproof Arc Lighter

The rechargeable arc lighter is very safe to use and very convenient. This lighter is very light weight and easy to carry around. It can be easily charged using a USB cable and the charge can last for at least one week or roughly 300 hours depending on the frequency of use. This lighter works with just a click of a button and thus it’s very easy to handle. The lighter is electric and does not need any butane or flame to function. When you press the button, an electric arc is created which then lights up whatever you wanted to light.

The lighter only lights up when the lid is open thus making it safe to handle. Its design is also elegant and it makes for a perfect gift for your friends and loved ones. It’s important to adhere to the safety measures that come with this lighter to avoid unnecessary accidents. Lighters should be kept away from children. Care should also be taken when using the lighter near highly flammable substances. The lighter can also be used to light candles and it does not burn your fingers even when held upside down. This lighter is available here.


So, what did you think of the list of useful things to buy on Amazon? Do you agree with me? Did you find this helpful? Which product did you order? We hope that you enjoyed it. Not find what you were after? Check out Cool things to buy on Amazon under $10 dollars.