Cool things to buy on Amazon for under $30 dollars or about that range the best coolest awesome stuff, gifts, presents you will love

Cool things to buy on Amazon for under $30 dollars or about that range | the best coolest awesome gifts, presents & stuff you will love

Check out this awesome stuff! Looking for cool things to buy on Amazon for under 30 dollars? We have listed the coolest things on Amazon under $30 for you to browse and buy!


Sgile stunt racing car

You might not be fast and furious in real life, but you can now at least imitate you are as skilled as Paul Walker, with this tiny racing car called Sgile rechargeable stunt racing car.
You can now finally drive without speed limits and release that inner fury full of adrenalin and try your impressive driving skills on the dirty and dangerous roads like that path in your garden or sidewalk nearby. Don’t underestimate the power of this tiny car. It will accelerate to top speed mode faster than you say go.Not only you can get fast and furious, but now it is legal for your kids to do the same. Your pets will also love being part of the race, so it might be time to amuse your family with your driving skills, don’t you think so?
Dominate the dirty sidewalk of your neighborhood and be the most dangerous driver out there. Order your Sgile racing stunt car from Amazon and impress everyone.

Combater USB gaming mouse

How can sci-fi your gaming equipment get? Well, now you can seriously reach Star Wars sci-fi level, with this EasySMX Combaterwing optical USB gaming mouse.
If you consider yourself at least an average gamer, you must own a mouse for gaming, because otherwise, you are just a regular chap who likes video games. If you don’t want to be a regular chap who loves video games thi s mouse will not only make you feel more like a gamer, but it will also help you level up. Accurate and top quality optical is as essential every good gamer needs to have. In a parallel universe, it would be a makeup brush is for beauty vloggers, but in the gaming world it is a must. Looks like a spaceship, and thou it’s not, it certainly works as good as one from Star Wars.
Be a gamer with style and order EasySMX Combaterwing optical mouse from Amazon.


Westcott titanium paper guillotine

Gone are the day’s humans went to Guillotine (thank God). Unfortunately, some things still have to be cut in pieces, and among many unfortunate objects, there is poor paper, that gets guillotined the most. If you are going to cut that poor paper, you better do it with a sharp blade, because no paper deserves suffering. Here is a Westcott TrimAir paper guillotine to make sure the process goes smooths.
Some things, no matter how hard they are, just need to be done. This guillotine easily slices through 30 layers of paper, so you will basically end the suffering of 30 innocent papers at once. The cut is clean and there is a safety guard to protect your fingers from being cut along with the paper. Titanium technology will make this blade last longer, so you don’t have to buy another one to end the suffering of papers.
Order a professional guillotine for your paper from Amazon and make sure you do a good job as a paper cutter.

XP Pen G430 Graphic tablet

What a graphic designer wants, what a graphic designer needs, what makes a graphic designer happy and sets creativity free?
Let’s take your creativity to whole another level, beyond the end of the world, beyond reality or your basic existence and average creative expression. Here is XP Pen G430 Graphic tablet, a tablet that will make you a graphic designer, even if you are not.
Now you can pretend you are an artist much more efficiently than before. If you can’t even pretend you are artistic, you can always at least gameplay You can draw and sketch and do whatever you like without making a mess of pencils and colors all around. Illustrator, Photoshop, and CorelDraw are going be forever grateful to you.
You don’t even have to charge it, imagine that.
Become a modern day artist even if you don’t know how to draw in 2D, order your new way to call yourself a creative person from Amazon.


Misfit flash monitor

Not only you don’t need a fitness trainer anymore, but you also don’t need an app to count your calories or steps. You can have all that in one device and its called Misfit Flash and looks like a regular watch.
But, but, but, don’t you judge a book just by a cover. This is no ordinary watch. This thing counts calories, steps, distance and even your sleep. It is there to remind you-you gotta stay healthy.
There are two types of people in the world and both can benefit from this majestic device. For the majority which makes the first group called lazy people, there will be no more excuses for not looking how you want to because you are lazy just like everyone else from your group. The other group would be called people obsessed with workout and fitness. If you fall into this category, this device will help you become even better at obsessing about fitness. So there you go.
No matter who you are, you can always stay fit and awesome, with a device that takes care of you more than any human. Order your fitness partner from Amazon.

Bestidy professional makeup brushes

You are not Kim K., but hey, you can always try, right? Since none of us was born perfect and flawless, now at least we can try to imitate perfection and cover our weird faces when we leave the house so we look decently presentable in public. What girls (and guys) on Instagram are trying to teach us is that a good makeup means having some good brushes, and good brushes have a name: Bestidy professional makeup brushes.
You have tutorials, now all you need is good brushes to make your new look happen. You don’t have to look like Gollum or medieval housewife anymore. We are fortunate enough to live in the time where every flaw can be covered up with a layer of makeup that hides even the depths of your soul.
Order your presentable face now from Amazon.


AleHorn Viking Horn

Raise your horns to Thor and Odin! Drinking from a glass or a mug is just not amazing enough. Awaken the Viking in you, drink from a handmade Alehorn Viking horn.
King Ragnar would be so proud of you, he would give you the Viking bracelet to show you some respect because respect is what you get when everyone else is drinking from a regular glass and you dominate the room with a gigantic handcrafted horn. You’re gonna be so awesome Odin would be pleased to take you Valhalla and Thor would give you his hammer. You might look like a savage though, but in the world of snobs and hipsters, we need some real men and women who can handle things like Vikings of all times.
Dominate the room and drink like a Viking and drink like in Valhalla. Order your masculinity and feminity times from Amazon.


Yuntab action camera

Action! Put your hands up in the air and prepare to be amazed. Here is a camera that will make you want to snorkel, try water skiing and parkour even if you never wanted to try that before, not even in your wildest dreams (or nightmares). Here is the camera that takes every action you make more seriously than a strict professor who pays attention to coma mistakes in your test. It is called 1080p Yuntab action camera.
This one has everything any regular camera has just taken to the whole another level. It is a regular camera that just evolved, something like Pokemon. Basically, this is a next level Pokemon of cameras. It captures the action, has vide angle, great exposure and you can continually shoot all those fast movements you make. Remember, if you are lazy, you can always shoot someone else in action.
Capture every move with a camera that pays attention to yo. Order it from Amazon.


Kinsa baby thermomether

Any amateur baby observer can come to a conclusion that babies don’t hate having temperature that much, as much as they hate having any contact with a thermometer. Let’s say if a baby was a country, the thermometer would be a public enemy. That is why Kinsa developed a digital smart ear thermometer, to give you accurate information about your baby’s temperature within only one second before the baby starts crying like really really crying.
Babies hate thermometers as much as Luke Skywalker hates his father, or Voldemort hates Harry. Fortunately, Kinsa knows that baby is definitely gonna cry with serious dedication and preservation when they see an unknown object such as thermometer near them. That is why this device is crucial to make your early parenthood less stressful.
Get your friendly thermometer and see if your baby has temperature before it gets a chance to start crying when it sees a notorious thermometer. Order it from Amazon.


The pocket shoot

Feel like randomly shooting, but don’t want to actually injure anyone or get arrested? Feel endangered by the mysteries of the unknown wilderness when in nature? The pocket shoot will shoot like a Hollywood movie FBI cop, just without that much drama.
Shoot the bottles. Shoot the apple. Pretend you are a Robyn Hood. Shoot into the empty space. Practice your shooting capabilities and targeting stuff in case a danger shows up around the corner, like human predators employed as a burglar, animal predators in shape of a really angry a bear or something else that threatens your existence. Make shooting from the pocket shoot a new sport. This pocket-sized self-defense little object can help you protect yourself anytime. There are so many possibilities.
Protect yourself from random dangers you encounter that threaten your daily existence. Order your pocket shoot from Amazon.


Spindo stand for Magic trackpad 2

Your trackpad deserves to be gorgeous, like Marlyn Monroe of trackpads. That is why it’s time to get minimal because minimal is in right now and you must follow trends, and so does your trackpad. Get fashionable and level up your interior, with Spindo stand for Magic trackpad 2.

White keyboard and magic trackpad 2 make the best couple out there, way better than Kim and Kanye or Blake Lively and that Raynolds dude. That is why you first must take them to a date, like put them together and let them love each other till one dies and gets replaced. This Spindo stand is the perfect place for that date. It’s like a luxurious 5 stars rooftop hotel, just for trackpad and keyboard.
Partner up your magic trackpad with keyboard and make them feel compatible and happy in their relationship. Order minimal white Spindo stand from Amazon.


iPoint Heavy Duty school sharpener

The internet might be full of those get satisfied videos, but there is no more satisfying thing than a perfectly sharpened pen…or ten of them, lined up in a row. Awaken the perfectionist in you, and sharpen all your pens like they do it in a pen factory, with this awesome iPoint Heavy Duty school sharpener.
This sharpener is so cool, you will want to buy pens just too sharp them and admire the precision of that perfect edge. It doesn’t sound like a serial killer with a chainsaw, so you won’t go deff and it is a multi-hole, so no pen feels discriminated for it’s size. No more procrastination. No sir. This device is so awesome it will almost motivate you to write a novel and become next George R.R. Martin or finally do that paperwork. In the end always remember that even if you don’t want to look sharp, your pens must.
Sharpen your pens like there is no tomorrow. Order iPoint Heavy duty school sharpener from Amazon.

Ajazz hard mouse pad

When you lose direction in life and everything seems pointless and out of control, there is always at least one thing you will always be in control of – your computer mouse, and here is Ajazz Hard mouse pad to bring some precision and control to your life.

Just like our personalities should be, this mouse pad is a perfect balance of precision and acceleration. It is so perfect we can all take lessons from this pad and learn how to be precise and in control, just like this majesty of a mouse pad is in control of the movements. It is like psychotherapy, just for your computer, because it pinpoints everything clearly, no wandering cursor on the display. RGB colors will shine bright and bring some light to your daily existence, as well.
Bring some precision and take control of your life, even if that’s just your cursor. Order Ajazz hard mouse pad from Amazon.


MeeQee telescope

Not rich enough to see the basketball game best moments from far away, sitting back there on the last grandstand seat? Can see far away and fully enjoy moments, because some important events take place a bit too out of your sight? Sometimes you just can’t see all the details when you really need to, like watching birds, hiking or mildly stalking your crush. Here is a solution for you: MeeQee monocular telescope.
Now you can watch birds and stalk your crush like never before. All the details are in front of you, and you can see everything that’s happening clearly on your phone. You will also get a stable tripod to help you enjoy your view while in nature or on the top of a skyscraper. And you know what else? It is waterproof, so you can dive into the moment, literally. So how great is that?
No more missing important moments. Order MeeQee monocular telescope from Amazon, enjoy the best view ever and let the sky be your limit.


SONGMICS breakfast table

Breakfast in bed is romantic. The only thing that is better than having a SO bring you spoil you this way is spoiling yourself: a laptop & breakfast in bed. Now you can eat, watch your favorite show and feel amazing all by yourself with SONGMICS breakfast laptop table. You will like it so much, you won’t even need to be in a relationship anymore.

You don’t need to feel so lonely anymore, as this table will make you feel more special than all your exes. Besides the romantic side of this table, you will save the environment and feel like a real hipster.
Become your own SO. No more waiting for someone to make you feel special. You must take your happiness in your own hands. Spoil yourself and order SONGMICS breakfast laptop table now from Amazon.

LE USB waterproof rechargeable bike light

Riding a bike at night can be fun unless you have an old vintage one with absolutely poor lighting or one with the broken light. In that case, you might need to order some rechargeable bike light from the almighty internet. Here is this LE USB waterproof rechargeable bike light to save your life and prevent turning a night ride into a horror story where you get hit by a bus and your parents have to pay for the funeral, which is quite expensive nowadays.
Now you can look like a rock star on the road because this light will make your bike more visible than the porcelain neon sign along the road. You will be safe, and won’t have to worry about the rain either.
Save your life and ride that bike without worrying that a crazy truck driver won’t see you rolling. Order this light from Amazon.


GBlife jumping toy

Well, here is some fun for all the kid s out there. A jumping toy. Here is a high-performance GBlifes toy that jumps, rolls and amuses, to help you have some fun in your life, that doesn’t include tv or phone.
This is a toy to brag about like you are 5 years old and easily amused. This toy is so awesome, that if your ancestors could astral-project to the future to see how humanity has progressed in time, would probably like to stay in 2017 and play with this rolling awesomeness. This toy is so fun it plays music and glows while rolling. It is a parkour among toys and you must have it if you consider yourself to be a fun chap or gal from da hood.
Impress your ancestors, your kid and yourself. Order a new way to amuse yourself here and now, from Amazon.

Quirky power genius

How great would it be you could just turn off your outlets without having to get up from the bed? Well, now you can actually be that lazy. Some smart technology is here not only to support your laziness, but also save some energy too. Since nowadays not only phones are smart, but outlets as well, now you can turn off whatever is plugged in without even having to touch that cable, with Quirky’s little invention, called Pivot Power Genius.
There you go, now your phone is more hardworking than you are. This smart device allows you to turn on/off two outlets from an app on your phone, so the only muscles you will have to use for this action are probably those that are in the best shape (read: your hands that never stop touching that phone of yours).
Save the energy without having to get up from the bed and order this Quirky power genius from Amazon.

Trtl pillow

If you travel frequently, you probably know that feeling of having your neck in a state worse than a frozen, squished rotten potato. Yes, oh my God that hurts. To avoid feeling tired and hearing your neck and back make weird noises, it is time to make some drastic changes in your life. Sometimes you just have to be happy with good old bus or train seats, but the good thing is how you can support your neck and stop looking like a frozen potato, with Trtl Pillow.
If you want to look presentable in front of your business partners or be awake enough for that exam you have tomorow, this pillow will support you better than your mother. It holds your neck in comfortable, almost natural position while you sleep. It’s like having someone to lean on while traveling, just without being creepy.

Look and feel human without being creepy and leaning on random strangers when you fall asleep while traveling. Order your travel sleep essential from Amazon.


Tile slim object finder

Feeling chaotic? Loosing your stuff? Well, now at least you won’t have to worry about losing your wallet, probably the most valuable object you own. Here is Tile slim, a wallet finder, to help you deal with your forgetfulness in more effective and way less stressful way.
Now you don’t even have to have a heart attack when you lose your wallet or another valuable object. All you need to do is check where you left it, right there on your phone. This credit card sized lifesaver will help you find your wallet before someone else does, unless, of course, you remember you actually have a wallet on time. This little thingy tracks your lost money like a CSI detective. All you need is your phone, and finding your wallet becomes a piece of cake. Just try not to lose your phone too, because in that case you are doomed and broke.
Protect yourself from yourself and others, find your lost wallet faster than somebody else does. Order Tile slim here and now, from Amazon.

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