Cool things to buy on amazon for under $15 or about that range the best coolest, items, gifts, gadgets & awesome stuff

Cool things to buy on amazon for under $15 or about that range | the best coolest, items, gifts, gadgets & awesome stuff

Are you looking for the best cool things to buy on Amazon for under $15 or about that price? Check out this list of the coolest gifts that you can find on Amazon.


Los Pollos Hermanos T-Shirt

For Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul fans, what is better than a T-shirt for a fake TV Chicken Brothers fast food restaurant? Be the envy of your mates with this cool cult TV show inspired T-Shirt. I am not liable if you get arrested for being associated with a (fake) drug front business. Buy this T-Shirt here on Amazon.

Foot Hammock

You have probably been neglecting your legs, and now it’s time to give them all the love they deserve. After years they spent on the floor underneath your desk, in an uncomfortable, small dark space, the time has come to give your lower limbs some proper, well deserved rest. And you know what? Your whole body will love it too.
Whether you work, browse or play games, not only your brain and back feel zombified, but your feet too. You are lucky enough to live in the era of useful inventions, such as Futt Hammock in 5 different colors. No more uncomfortable old boxes and improvisations, no sir. Your feet deserve some royalty level rest after all they have done for you, such as supporting your body when working, running, walking and standing every day. You deserve to feel the comfort in every possible situation. Sitting long hours can be tiring, so why not make it a little less uncomfortable?
Give your legs some credit and rest like royalty. Order your Fuut Hammock here, on Amazon


Corn Stripper

Ok, things are getting serious. If you are tired of stripping every single corn kernel off the cob one by one (as you probably are), it is time to strip your corn like a pro with Chef’n Cob corn stripper.
When you try to get corn off the cob, you can strip few of those yellow little buddies in a line, if you are lucky enough. But, as unfortunate as it goes, you will probably need few minutes and patience for that little task, and still, end up with some of your potential salad left on the cob. The good thing is, there is a cheap solution out there that saves your time and strips that corn for you, and (for a change) leaves nothing behind. Off the kernels go, in one twisting/pushing motion and thanks to stainless steel blades your corn is ready to join other ingredients for your meal in few seconds.
Save your time and strip corn like a pro. Order your corn stripper on Amazon.


Earhoox for earbuds

Those earbuds of yours are restless little devils that just like to fall out on every possible occasion, right? Well, when your earbuds just won’t stay in place and fall out all the time, there is a way to make a complicated relationship between them and your ears work – Earhoox for earbuds.
These flexible little earbud made-in-heaven attachments are a connection between your ears and earbuds that will make this love match work better than ever. You will finally be able to enjoy your favorite sounds while running, jumping, exercising, bus riding or napping without having a minor panic attack when your buds slip into the unknown space and away from your ears again. And no worries, these are made of silicone which makes them comfy, they come in multiple sizes and are tailored to fit anyone.

Make your earbuds stay with Earhoox for earbuds and order here, on Amazon.


MalloMe LED Camping Lantern

When camping you don’t need just any lantern. No, you need a cool lantern because you are a cool camper. Sci-fi, ultra-bright, cool, haters gonna hate, friends-are-gonna-be-jealous-when-they-see-it lantern. As it happens, the mighty internet has spoken again and here it is, the most perfect lantern out there – MalloMe LED Camping lantern.

Black or gold, the choice is yours, but what is important, apart from the obvious futuristic awesomeness of this lantern, is that you will be able to survive in nature and still stay cool. It collapses into a small bundle and is compact and easy to store, so there is no excuse for being lame when camping. For your haters’ information, this life saver lasts over 100.000 hours, so beat that. For your friends – get one for yourself. Enjoy the outdoors without worrying a bear would come at you, as this lamp will light your surroundings and let you know if the bear, mother in law or any other walking danger is approaching.

To match your coolness level with a lantern and bright your nights, order this one on Amazon.



Quirky cable management

From the beginning of their existence, your cords loved creating a mess under your table and making your room look like a cable factory storage. Unless you really enjoy having your cords entwined in a chaotic disorder, there is a perfect solution that will bring some order to this mess of cords and that would be Quirky cable management.
With five rubber grips and four slots, as chaotic as a bunch of cables and cords look, this Quirky’s little invention separates these little devils and offers a simple solution to make them look a bit more decent, organized and manageable. You won’t have to be as careful as you have to be to unplug a bomb every time you try to unplug your speakers, headphones or charger. You won’t have to track each cable with so much devotion and solve the mystery of where each cord leads to, along with untangling each and every one of them. Plus, this is not a bulky cord mess solution and has a weighted base for stability, so you won’t have to worry about them staying in place either. Separate and organize your mess of cables and order here, on Amazon.


Wanna go jogging, but your earbuds just don’t want to jog with you? Wanna keep your earphones in place but they just keep falling out and won’t cooperate? It’s time for a strict regime for those little rebels. Keep your earbuds attached and stay where they belong, in their rightful place, your ears, with BudStraps flex earbud neck straps.
Enjoy your favorite sounds when walking, jogging, cycling or working without worrying your earbuds will start acting like they are on a wild rollercoaster ride. This simple yet useful invention is designed to hold flat and round earbud cords tightly wherever you go. When you don’t use them anymore, you can also let your earbuds casually hang around your neck without tangling. You can also be the boss, as these straps go incognito for you as well; they slip under collared shirts perfectly and let you do your thing like a pro.
Make your earphones stay with you wherever you go and order this cool invention, on Amazon.


Bestoyard Dinosaur building blocks

Lego is for everyone, ok? Your son and daughter love the lego blocks you have, you love lego and probably your parents and grandparents too. Now the time is up to level up your lego experience, with these mini Bestoyard Dinosaur building blocks.
If you want your kids to have some fun and learn about dinos, this set is an excellent opportunity to make lego even more attractive and occupy your children so you can finally have some peace. There is a danger, however, that while your kids learn about animals and have fun with these, a playset of 8 Dinosaur replicas will make you want to be a child again play with them, so you might not resist playing with them. Also, if you have kids smaller than three years old and don’t want them to choke, you better keep on selfishly playing with that lego set of yours without including them.
Buy your Bestoyard Dinosaur lego adventure on Amazon.


LED light charger

A low battery can cause a mini heart attack. It doesn’t matter if you need your phone for work or nothing in particular, that low percentage on your display causes minor panic episodes every time. Probably the best invention that supports our technology addiction is being able to charge your phone in your car and now you can do it with this bright blue LED light charger, which not only is useful but looks super cool with that blue light.

A low battery can cause a mini heart attack. It doesn’t matter if you need your phone for work or nothing in particular, that low percentage on your display causes minor panic episodes every time. Probably the best invention that supports our technology addiction is being able to charge your phone in your car and now you can do it with this bright blue LED light charger, which not only is useful but looks super cool with that blue light.
The best part of this charger is not only the super cool light, oh no. This mighty charger has 2 USB ports, which makes it a great travel companion. No radio loss, no overheating, no overcharging because this USB charger is smart enough to know when enough is enough, and most of all, no more mini heart attacks. Charge the phone or two in your car, with this blue LED light charger and order it from Amazon.

Funko POP Groot

If you are as unfortunate as everyone else on Earth who is not a super cute superhero, the Internet has a solution for your lack of superheroes-ness and now you can at least buy one to make your day. All fans of Guardians of the Galaxy know how adorable Groot is. For your little kiddo or your inner kiddo, buy a funky little Funko POP Groot and make every day an adventure.

With these adorable Guardians of the Galaxy collectible little dancer, get ready for cuteness overload every time you see it move. One thing is for sure, you will fall in love at first sight when this charming dancer starts moving and even if you bought it as a gift, you will be bewitched by it and end up ordering one for yourself too. It dances better than anyone you know. You know what they say, you are not a cute superhero, but if you can’t be one, buy one.

Buy your Guardians of the Galaxy little dancer here, on Amazon.


Know that painful experience when you see a photo someone took of you? Well, unless it is taken by a pro or your patient best friend who knows your best poses, chances are you are going to look like a zombie trying to be human again. The good news is that you don’t need to bother anyone anymore to have the best photo and look decently human on it. Now you can make selfies like a pro and look your best with NanoHold.

Just attach this sticky credit card size phone accessory where you like and pose for eternity like nobody is watching. After all, who knows your best angles better than you yourself?
Don’t worry, your phone is safe and won’t end up with a broken display. You will have the best selfies, it leaves no sticky residue and removes instantly, so you won’t leave slimy traces like a slug everywhere you go or clean windows.

Instagram like a pro. Don’t just look like a human, look amazing on every photo, and order your NanoHold mobile holder from Amazon.

Shark shaped pet bed

You think your pet has it all? Well, they probably don’t have a cool enough bed. Brace yourselves. Here comes the coolest pet bed your eyes will ever see, a bed so cool you wish it existed for humans too; Kojima shark shaped bed for your dog, cat or whatever else similarly sized creature you own.

Soft on the inside, dangerous on the outside, this bed is warm, cute and awesome enough for your pet to feel like a boss and on their territory. This indoor pet house is washable in the machine, so you won’t have to worry about dirt and hair your pet majesty leaves behind. It has a bed mat, so your pet majesty will feel comfortable enough but protected as well, with this dangerous looking shark bed.

Make your pet majesty feel all the comfort and buy them a well-deserved shark bed here on Amazon.


Magno Grip Wristband

If are a handy person who wants to feel handy on every occasion, or you just like wearing nails, screws and other metal material as a fashion statement, there is a sort of accessory just right for you. Magno Grip wristband will make you not just look, but feel useful as well.
Made of polyester, this handy wristband will not irritate your skin while you try to fix or build something. It will keep all the nails, screws and scissors there for you, at your arm’s length, or better said, on your arm, available at your disposal anytime you need them. Woodworking and home improvement have never been easier because you don’t need to look around for the material you need; you have it as part of your outfit like a real handyman and super strong magnets will hold everything metal made for you.

Order your handy wristband to help you, on Amazon.

Tactical Pen

Getting serious here. If you want to dominate like a real boss in this urban jungle we live in today, you got to have some style. Pen, LED flashlight, bottle opener, and glass breaker; that is basically everything a real urban jungle survivor needs. Now you can find it all in one single invention called Tactical Pen.
With the Tactical pen, your new self-defense weapon of choice, you are pretty much like a knight of old times, just a more modern version. You can arrive at your destination and save every situation. Dominate the party and open every bottle that comes your way. Fight the darkness with a super bright flashlight, write and draw like a poet or artist, fight the obstacles on your way and break some glass in case you need to. All of that is available in one single pen. Twist or press and there you have everything a modern knight needs.

Become an urban jungle boss and dominate with your new weapon of choice. Order your Tactical pen from Amazon.

Magnetic Balls

Brace yourselves. The time has come for you to become a Magneto for a moment. Get creative, wave goodbye to stress and boredom and also become a scientist. Buy Magnetic Balls.
216 magnetic balls are made for you to play with them like with no other balls, as naturally, not all balls are magnetic and attract each other by the laws of physics just to entertain you and make all different shapes for the sake of your enjoyment. This creative puzzle toy will fight the boredom in no time and relieve the stress as well and you will feel as powerful as X-men squad or 7-foot tall lumberjack if lumberjack was a physicist and played with magnetic balls instead of cutting trees. For your more feminine side, you can use these balls to make bracelets and necklaces as well and if you like to travel and solve puzzles, you can take your magnetic balls with you for more fun on the road.

Be a Magneto, order your magnetic balls from Amazon.

Doss Magic Box

This one is for music lovers. If you think high-quality sound can’t travel with you because all the good Bluetooth speakers are too expensive and you are as poor as an average college student, you might need to step back from that statement and take a moment to appreciate the mighty DOSS MagicBox Bluetooth speaker.

High definition sound will take you to places you’ve never been before, well, at least metaphorically speaking, of course. Not only the quality of sound is brilliant, but you can also play your favorite music for 8 hours continually, and we all know not even your phone battery lives that long. This is also a pretty good-looking speaker, as it provides a mini LED light party for ya with visual display mode. Your phone, tablet, iPod or iPad will love it, and you will too.

So, there you go, buy a mini disco for your pocket and carry your favorite high definition sound speaker wherever you go. Available here, on Amazon.

Mermaid blanket

mermaid blanketYou may not have been raised by seductive mysterious mermaids that take sailors to the depths of the sea, but you can efficiently pretend you are one while reading your favorite book, watching favorite tv-show and enjoying some alone cozy time. Get comfortable and become a mermaid, with this handmade mermaid tail blanket.

You will not only get comfy and warm with this handmade blanket but you will definitely look dreamy and be original because everyone else’s blankets are quite regular and not as nearly as fun as being a curled-up mermaid with a crocheted tail. Snuggle like you are a princess from a Disney movie. This blanket is crocheted especially for you, with elegant design, made with delicacy and patience to make your feel comfortable on days when you feel anti-social. This blanket is here to support all your introverted parts of the personality and help you escape in your fantasy world.

Get cozy and become a mermaid when you feel like curling up on a bed and order your mermaid tail blanket from Amazon.

Turboforce fan

Get cool, with a fan that is probably more famous in fan world than Kim Kardashian in ours. Honeywell Turbo fan will cool your room in no time.
Maybe there are no cool boys and girls around to hang around with on, but it doesn’t matter, don’t despair just yet. What you really need and can have is a cool fan ( wink, wink). As long as there is a cool fan to cool your room and make a lack of normal temperature more bearable for daily existence, everything else will be a piece of cake. It is time to fall in love with the coolest fan of all fans. Or a cooling fan. A.K.A. your new summertime best friend. It saves energy, has a modern design and won’t make your room look like industrial zone. It is super compact and makes a great travel companion.

Order you summertime best friend to make you feel cooler than ever, here, on Amazon.



Abco Tech Lava style bracelet

There is nothing better than good accessories that show some attitude. This Japanese inspired watch will take not only yours but many other breaths as well. Be prepared to look dangerously good with Abco Tech Lava style bracelet.

There is nothing wrong with looking deadly handsome and this watch allows you just that. The band is adjustable to any wrist, and therefore your wrist too and the design just takes you back in time, not in a lame, but in a cool way. The good quality and the rare to see design of this watch will get you some desired attention wherever you go, because everyone else has regular watches and that is so boring. You are not a classic lad and therefore you don’t need a classic watch. You need something unique and innovative like a bracelet watch for example.

Order your unique bracelet that shows time from Amazon.

Bacon flavored toothpaste

Bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon! Bacon in your sandwich, bacon on a poster, bacon on your screensaver and now we have bacon flavored toothpaste to make your day even baconier.

All these years you started your days the wrong way. It is time to shed your old skin and embrace your true self. Start your day with a good taste in your mouth and clean teeth. Mr. Bacon flavored toothpaste will let you have the best aftertaste you could possibly imagine. Allow your bacon soul to flourish freely without being fake and using mint, strawberry and other mainstream toothpaste types that don’t suit you. Also, if you yourself don’t understand the art of worshipping bacon enough to buy this toothpaste, buy it for someone who knows the value of this precious taste. This is probably the best gag gift someone who likes bacon in their meal can get. So, take a moment to admire bacon fans and give them a proper toothpaste they deserve.

Continue to worship bacon and order your bacon flavored toothpaste now, from Amazon.

Aurora Master Ocean Relax Projector

Maybe you can’t live under water because you don’t have your private submarine. Maybe. But, fortunately, there is a way to bring the ocean waves to your room. If you can’t live in the sea, pretend you do. Buy Aurora Master Ocean Relax Projector and let the calm projected waves make an impact on your soul the way only real ocean would.

You don’t have to go on vacation ( not that it wouldn’t be great, tho). You probably work so much you deserved the peace and relaxation. Sadly, sometimes, especially in winter the ocean might not be the option for relaxation. The good thing is, you can now transform your room into a paradise and relax as you should, with this relax projector (and during winter times too). Transform your bathroom and pretend you have a villa by the sea while you take a long bath after an exhausting day.

Order your tropical lagoon and relax. Your paradise projector waits for you on Amazon, buy it now.

Better Call Saul: The World According to Saul Goodman Hardcover Book

Are you a fan of Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul? Get more wisdom from Jimmi McGill (Saul Goodman) himself from his hardcover book. Available here on Amazon.

Better Call Saul Hardcover book

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