Cool things to buy on amazon under $10 dollars or about that range

Cool things to buy on amazon under $10 dollars or about that range

Amazon is a great place to shop online. There is a huge variety of product for sale, you can buy just about anything on Amazon really.

We compiled a list of cool things to buy on Amazon under 10$. These items currently available on for under $10. There are some useful items and some just weird and wacky items. We hope you enjoy them.

I drink and I know things

To quote Tirian Lanister from Game of Thrones “I drink and I know things”. But Tirian is not the only one who drinks and knows things. Do you know what I know? I know that you are going to love this shot glass and beer glass that channel Tirian!

I drink and I know things shot glassI drink and I know things beer glass


Digital magnetic data sync and charging cable that makes multitasking much easier

Cool things to buy on amazon under 10$ dollarsThis three mode super magnetic cable is suited for android products as well as i-products. One standard mode supports three charging ports. The charging cables transfers around 2.1A current when it is charging. It is very easy to install and is best suited for handicapped people as well as drivers. It is compatible with a wide range of portal devices that have micro USB, lightning data port or the USB –C. This product should not be used in places with various metal pieces as it is highly magnetic. It is light in weight and comes with a plastic casing for protection. It is also best for use in areas that have excess strain to access, such as around tight corners. You can buy this product on Amazon now.








Pet wig

Your dog doesn’t feel dangerous enough lately and struggles with poor self-image? Wanna increase your pet coolness or hilariousness level?

There is a thing you can do – put them a lion mane pet wig. This furry, easy to wear and comfortable pet appearance booster will knock everyone off their feet. Your pet is probably used to be a nakey, so it might be skeptical at first when this super cool unknown object finds a way to its head, but that’s because no pet is used to this amount of coolness. It fits pets of all sizes and will not choke them because it’s super comfy. After a few minutes of adjustment to their new powerful image, pets will love it you will too. Laughs guaranteed. They might scare passengers though.

One thing is for sure, your pet will rock this lion mane like a pro. Other pets will be jealous. They see it rollin’, they hatin’.

You can make your pet a lion and increase it’s hilariousness for a bargain price here.

The Anxiety Attention toy

Cool gift for under $10

The T-Tek anxiety toy is designed with 7 features of stress relief for both children and adults. It is a great item made of bpa free material and serves as a great gift for loved ones. It is an ideal product for people who fidget a lot and those who keep on touching stuff when they are nervous. All you need is to press the buttons quietly. There are three click buttons for those who enjoy hearing the click sound when they fidget. There are also two silenced buttons for those who prefer a silent unnoticeable fidget. This toy helps distract children and draws their negative energy to another area. The next time you are in a situation that causes you anxiety and makes you fidget, consider this product. Get it here.







Ear bud headphones with an amazing sound quality

cheap ear phones from Amazon

The Vomercy earphones with microphone hold to your ears to provide that snug feel you desire from earphones. They are neither too big nor too small and thus will not keep falling off. They also come with an interesting design that fits into more than just the hole of your ear. They have a wide frequency which enables you to fully enjoy crisp highs and deep low notes. They come with long cords that flow smoothly within bags and clothes, without damage. They are compatible with a wide range of devices, phones tablets and more. The long cord means that you can also share music with your friends. This product is available for the low price here.




Saxophone pipe

Get artistic when smoking and show some style. Saxophone pipe is something every pro tobacco lover must have and chances are even those who think tobacco is not cool will ask you where did you get this sax pipe.


Pipe lovers know that some pipes are made of materials heat up easily and are hard to clean, but the good thing is, you won’t have to deal with that with Sax shaped pipe. The quality of the material is great, so it doesn’t heat up or melt and the chances of burning your fingers while holding it are at the minimum. It’s easy to clean and comes with a replaceable. You will look as cool as a modern day version of Sherlock Holmes and an artist from New York combined. Stay cool, save your fingers and enjoy your tobacco with a style.

Let this saxophone light your fire and order from Amazon for a steal.



Toothpaste Tube Squeezer


toothpaste squeezer

You’ve probably got 99 problems but toothpaste and makeup leftovers in the tube shouldn’t be one. If you live in modern civilization, brush your teeth and know what a toothpaste is, this is probably a perfect product for you.

We are all familiar with rolling the tube and squeezing the life out of the toothpaste to get those last few millimeters of tube’s content. So, what can be more useful than an item that will do all that for you? This practical little Lip Toothpaste squeezer squeezes out the toothpaste far better than you. It is easy to use and apply to almost any tube, not only the toothpaste but makeup tubes, paint tubes and all the other tubes in the world.

You can save some tube content and your fingers, and give squeezing job to a pro such is this Lip Squeezer, ordering it for less than a 10 dollars.













Macbook air replica mirror

After spending hours looking at other faces, it time to look at yours. This MacBook Air mini mirror is there to help you face the truth and show you how horrible you look after a long day or feed your narcissistic self while you admire that on fleek makeup of yours.

One way or another, it shows you your face as it currently is and helps you fix what needs to be fixed in order to look like a representable sample of human species.

It not only helps you look cute and representable, but it also looks cute on its own and fits perfectly into your makeup bag. It’s like a laptop for your dolls, only you are the doll and this is your cute mirror. After all, it is a tiny replica of MacBook Air, with the original keyboard and all. How cute is that?

You can look at yourself in the tiny mirror replica of MacBook Air laptop when you buy it here.





The two in one lighting adapter for Apple products


This is an amazing invention for the apple products enthusiasts. This adapter allows user to charge their phone while listening to their favourite music from the apple device. If you have an iPad, iPod, IPhone 7, 7plus and the 6S among others, this cable is a must have. IPhone products that have a 3.5 mm audio jack can be used with this cable. The iPhone 7plus and the iPhone 7 only have one interface. This means you can either charge or listen to music but not both. With this cable, that problem is solved. You can buy this product on Amazon .

Apple charger cord adapter


The HTC 10 Tempered Glass Protector


This screen protector is guaranteed to keep your HTC screen safe from damage. The protector can be cleaned easily and does not scratch easily. Additionally, it is very sensitive to the touch and so your operations on the phone are not slowed in any way. The shock absorption levels are amazing and the images displayed on the screen remain high definition. There is no need to worry about fingerprint smudges on your screen with this anti oil glass protector. This means that even if you have sweaty or oily hands, your screen remains clear to the view. The screen protector is made to fit and does not form bubbles when installed. Get this amazing product from Amazon at a low price.

phone protector


The Diesel 10 Toy train

Looking to get your loved one a great toy train that not only entertains but also stimulates their imagination? The Thomas & Friends Adventures toy train from fisher price is the answer. The train has an engine made of die-cast metal. The engine also comes with plastic containers that help one connect to other cars. These cars and trucks do not necessarily have to be from Thomas & friends as long as they fit to the connectors from the train. This truck works on the Thomas & friends train trucks and is great for any train enthusiast. This train can be purchased on Amazon here and it’s a great addition to your collection.

toy train


The sunshade waterproof poly tarp

If you love the outdoors and adventure, this is a must-have. The sun shade is designed to protect anything from harsh weather conditions. This tarp is laminated on both sides and all its edges have been heat sealed. The tarp is 5mm thick and has rust-proof grommets after every 3 feet for easy use. Its corners have been molded to reduce its weight. The tarp comes with an allowance for 3 inches shrinkage that may occur with time. It does not tear easily due to its heavy duty material and you will use this for many days to come. Protect what you value most from heat, rain and other weather conditions at an amazing price on Amazon.



The Catwalk Curls Rock Amplifier by TIGI

Do you love rocking curls on your hair but they never seem to hold for long? If your answer is yes, then this curls amplifier product is for you. This product is made from the coconut oil and Shea butter. These two are mixed with a curl enhancer smoothie that keeps your curls in place for longer. The catwalk curls amplifier ensures each curl is separated for an amazing look. The essential oils contained in the product help protect your hair form humid conditions that cause shrinkage and distort your curls. It is an easy to use product that is applied to damp hair that has been dried with a towel. Get this product on Amazon .

Catwalk rock amplifier


The classic large dial thermometer to maintain the right temperatures always

Are you a modern cook who wants perfect results in the kitchen every time? This is the thermometer to get. This Taylor classic thermometer comes with large imprints that are easy to read. It also comes with both the Fahrenheit and the Celsius measurements. This thermometer can be hung inside the oven to measure the current temperatures and ensures you do not overcook or undercook your meals. It comes with a flat surface meaning it can stand on its own. It is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The scale comes with blue and yellow colours. These help ensure that your food is always at safe temperatures. You can get this product on Amazon here .

fridge thermometer


John Lennon style sunglasses that are fun to wear

These glasses have a vintage look and they come in three pairs, each with its own colour. The colours are blue, pink and purple. They allow you to match your outfits well for a complete look. They are ideal for people throwing themed parties from the 60’s to the 80’s. The lenses come with a special coating that ensure perfect vision and prevents scratches on the lenses. The metal frames are very durable and do not bend to distort shape when stored. The frames are rust resistant and very appealing. The sunglasses have a refund guarantee if you are not satisfied, which shows they are of high quality. These sunglasses retail on Amazon here.


The Drain King Unclog hose that you cannot afford not to have

Every home is bound to experience clogged sinks and drains at one point. The GT unclog hose attachment is designed to make unclogging an easy and fast task. This easy to use gadget is highly durable and can fit drain sizes of between 1 to 3 inches. It can be used to unclog sinks, showers and bathtubs around the house. It can also fit in hose pipes and eliminates the need to use harsh and poisonous chemicals to unclog drains. It is very easy to install and handle and also comes with a one year warranty. This unclog hose can be bought at Amazon.

The frameless shower door bottom seal

This is another affordable yet highly functional product. The bottom seal comes in 36 inches length and easily attaches to a shower door without the use of any adhesive. This bottom seal helps protect the shower door while controlling how easily and fast the door swings. The door seal is installed by simply sliding it through the glass door at the bottom. It can be easily adjusted through cutting for door that are less than 36 inches. This seal fits well into 3/8 inch of thick glass and is made of clear vinyl. Always be on the lookout for genuine products that have the manufacturers’ seal of quality. The bottom seal retails on Amazon.

shower seal


The Pill Organizers that make your work easier

Pill organizers are great for people who, take medicine on a daily basis. The organizers allow one to have an organized dispenser system for medication. It is especially ideal for people who forget easily. The daily pills are inserted in a pocket that is clearly marked with the day and patients just need to remove from that specific pocket. You can set out the pills for a patient a week in advance. The pill pockets are large enough to hold several pills. The pockets are also contoured to allow for easy dispensation of the medicine. The lid opens easily with just one gentle press. Whether it’s for your grandparents who need constant medication, or you simply need to delegate the job of giving medication to loved ones, this pill organizer ensures patients get the right dose of medication at the right times daily. You no longer have to worry whether loved ones took medication and in the right dosage. This pill organizer can be purchased at a bargain price.

pill organizer

Silver wipes, because a good shine is important

This product ensures that all your precious silverware stays shiny. From watches to knives and folks, this tarnish remover will keep your valuables looking good as new and make you the envy of your peers. These wipes are guaranteed to give a shine that lasts for days on end and also helps restore silver that has been damaged by harsh conditions. Each pack comes with 20 pieces of wipes that have a mild fragrance of fresh scents. The wipes are large enough to hold comfortably and they have the right thickness. This means they will not tear easily as you wipe your silverware. The container is light in weight and the wipes are easy to use. Simply apply circular motions to your silver as you polish. There are no marks left behind as you wipe. So go ahead and maintain shine on your most prized silverware. The wipes packet retails at Amazon.

Jewlery polisdhing wipes


Baby corner guards to prevent unsightly baby head bumps

Anyone who has toddlers in their house or anyone who has taken care of children knows the importance of baby proofing. Toddlers are very curious and they move around the house fast. It is very easy for them to bump their heads on sharp edges around the house. Corner guards are specifically designed to solve this problem. The guards come in ball shapes that are very flexible. When attached to the edges of furniture and kitchen tops, they offer a smooth landing for the child. Each pack comes with 12 pieces, meaning you can child proof several corners at a go. They are easy to attach and detach whenever necessary but firm enough for the baby not to detach them as they fiddle with them. Each pack of these corner guards retails at Amazon.

Furnature injury protectors


Heel lift Products to add that extra inch you need

Need a few extra inches added to your height instantly? Then try out these amazing heel lifts that are very easy to use. They are an instant fix for people who have unequal leg lengths or those with different medical conditions. They are very comfortable to the user and can be used with a variety of shoes. They help provide balance and ensure a systematic function to the body functions. They are lightweight and easily transferable between different shoes. This offers great value for money as you do not need to buy many pieces. So, whether you have a medical condition or you just want to feel taller, the heel lift pads are the products you should be looking for. The heel lifts are available at Amazon.

shoe inserts


Snap diapers for new-borns

While new-born babies bring much joy to our lives, they also come with added expenses. On average, a new-born can use up to 12 diapers in a day which is very expensive, especially considering they will wear diapers for a long time. The snap diaper comes with an easy to wipe interior that provides comfort for a wide range of different baby sizes. They are reusable and can serve you for several years. Each leg of the diaper comes with a double leg gusset to prevent leakage. The gussets are layered with soft fabric for extra comfort. The snaps are adjustable to fit different sizes and they have very gentle elastics that do not harm your baby or leave elastic marks. These diapers are available on Amazon.

newborn dypers


The universal detangling Pik

With this universal pik, you can use any blow dryer to untangle your hair easily. It works perfectly in detangling hair and even wigs and weaves and has a nylon casing for a long lasting use. The interior of this pik has a dual grip which further ensures that you get smooth hair at a very fast rate. You can easily comb out the hair as you blow-dry. The pik is light in weight, making it easy to carry around when traveling. Its firm grip ensures that it does not slide when in use with different sets of dryers. This detangling grip is available on Amazon.

universal pik


Stay smart with the Webster pocket dictionary

The Webster dictionary helps you stay on top with your grammatical prowess. You can look up new words when they are mentioned and check the correct spellings. This dictionary is small and easily portable. It is light in weight and gives very clear definitions. There are several thousands of entries in this mini dictionary and you will always be learning something new on the go. The words included in the pocket dictionary are new with an up to 3 year age range. This means you will always be up-to-date with new words as they come up. Get this pocket dictionary .

pocket dictionary


The all natural Uncle Harry’s fluoride free toothpaste

This natural toothpaste is made with sea salt, mineral clay and essences for different plants. It refreshes the mouth and restores lost mineral in the tooth enamel. It does not contain any gluten or glycerine is suitable for vegans. The minerals contained in this toothpaste help maintain the correct alkaline PH in the mouth thus keeping your teeth strong always. The jar contains 3Oz of toothpaste meaning you get more quantity at a very affordable price. Acids and bacteria in the mouth are neutralized. The teeth are supplied with the required amounts of phosphorous, calcium and magnesium. The essential oils contained in the toothpaste are antiseptic and they kill even the germs that may be hiding on your toothbrush. You can dip the toothbrush in the jar or just use something to scoop the toothpaste when you want to use. This tooth paste is available here.

toothpaste in a jar


Star Wars Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Deluxe Figurine Set

Collect all of your favorite characters from Rogue one. Even if you didn’t like the movie Rogue One and you are a Star Wars fan don’t take it out on the figurines. It was not their fault. You could even make up your own ending and film it in stop motion with these figurines……. or not. You can buy these figurines here.

Star wars Rogue One figurines



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