The best things to buy on Amazon under $5 or about that price Items, gifts, gadgets & other cool stuff

The best things to buy on Amazon under $5 or about that price | Items, gifts, gadgets & other cool stuff

Check out these cool items we think that they are amongst the best things on Amazon under 5$. What do you think?


Cool star wars storm trooper helmet

storm trooper helmet chep from amazonGet in touch with your dark side with this star wars storm trooper helmet. Unless of course, you are too short to be a stormtrooper then maybe you can give it as a gift or wear it like Luke. For only a few bucks you can pick this up and have a ton of fun. Visibility through the helmet may be limited so you may want to take it off when you are watching the movies but now you know why those stormtroopers are such bad shots and could not shoot a starship cruiser door from point-blank range.

“This is the stormtrooper helmet that you are looking for!”

“Don’t make me FORCE you to give it as a gift” but at such a cheap price you could order a few and your kids’ gift shopping is almost done.

Buy from Amazon now.


Ian Sinclar Pocket knife

Wouldn’t it be great if you could carry a super sharp and super safe knife with you on a family camping? Let’s bet it would.
We all know that sharp and safe are usually not used in the same sentence, especially when it comes to knives, right? Well, that is not the case with Ian Sinclar Cardsharp 2, a credit card sized foldable knife that can come handy anytime. If storing a sharp blade in your wallet seems like a science fiction, think twice, because this knife with a body thickness of only 25mm, when folded, can fit in one of your credit card wallet pockets. Don’t let the size fool you, as this little one is tough, sharp and made of silver. This knife has a protective hilt which appears when open and the blade is well protected when stored. This means that when stored, it is risky to carry around as a plastic credit card, making it completely safe.

The best things to buy on Amazon under $5

With surgical blade technology and long-lasting sharpness, this ultra-thin super mini knife is perfect for everyone, from campers to housewives, craftsmen to adventurers. It is a great innovation and probably among the best budget top quality knifes you can find online.

So, if you are looking for a useful, handy gift, Ian Sinclair Cardsharp 2 is the best thing out there and you can find it for only a bargain on Amazon.



Solar cockroach

If you know someone who is really afraid of bugs and would like to troll them a bit, without involving actual bugs in your conspiracy theory, there is a cheap solution online which can work great. A solar powered roach. Yes, you read it right. A solar bug, which scares and doesn’t even need batteries. The only thing you need to do is expose it to direct sunlight and voila, it moves!

cheap gift from Amazon under $5

This is really a fun demonstration of solar power and a little gadget which can be used at school and is cool both for kids older than 3 years and adults. It vibrates and moves around, so there is a high chance your pets, especially cats will love it too. Owning a solar cockroach is like having that Halloween feeling every day, especially if you get a chance to show it unexpectedly to more random people.
This awesome bug can be a great gift because it’s not only a fun scare tool, but it’s solar too and doesn’t need batteries, so how’s about that? You can buy this high tech cockroach here at Amazon.


Emoji pillow

We all love emojis and probably most of us can’t imagine a day without using at least one. Emojis are now part of our lives as much as eating or walking. They are everywhere. There are emoji themed t-shirts, stickers, pencils, phone cases, and so on, but now you can also sleep on your favorite emoji with this comfy cushions available on Amazon for a super low price. If you have a friend, who drops jokes all the time, that one cheerful lad or girl in the group, this smiling one might be the perfect gift. It gives any room a cheerful vibe and will definitely make a cute decoration, so you can’t really miss.
cheap emoji pillo on Amazon

It’s not only fun but is actually really comfortable. There are many DIY tutorials about how to make one, but you can actually get a brand new one for a low price. This one is about a foot in diameter, of good quality and the truth is, everyone will love it, especially teenagers and kids. It is huggable, plush, cute and made of soft fabric.
You can buy this happy cushion for a steal at Amazon.


Quirky Wrapster

Great gift under $5

Ok now ladies and gents, this is something we all need. For everyone who hates having their earphones tangled, which would probably be everyone, this Quirky green Wrapster solves the first world problem – having earphones looking like a mess every time they are out of the pocket.

With Quirky Wrapster, instead of untangling the cords for a good minute, now you can actually spend that time listening to some good music. The smart design of this useful little object makes it much more convenient to carry your earphones everywhere with you and keeps them stored in your pocket without having to deal with untangling them every time. Everyone knows the mystery of tangled earbuds and the frustration that comes along with it. Usually, you put the earphones neatly in the pocket, but they somehow always end up as a ball of mess. This is where Quirky Wrapster comes to the scene. It’s not bulky, and this cute little invention is a perfect gift for everyone because it is so simple and so useful. It provides a slider when hanging around a neck and can do well as a stand to help steady your sound in landscape mood, which is also cool.
Say goodbye to frustrating untangling and enjoy your favorite sounds immediately. You can get this amazing little invention for at Amazon.

For more information about this must-have product for all the music lovers, check out this youtube video:


Optically controlled night lamp

There are a lot of cool stuff online to be found under $5, but Zehui Optically controlled Led night light is probably one of the best budget things out here. This small square shaped nightlight saves energy, has a long lifespan and is a device with super low power consumption. The design is pretty modern and minimal and there are four colors to choose from (white, orange, pink and blue).It is socket sized and fits every interior. The best things about it are that it can actually continually work for 12 hours, it can be plugged anywhere, it provides almost no heat, and it is safe. You will love it, but your guests and kids will too.
This is basically a light you can carry in your bag because of its size, which is why it is perfect for traveling, and it can go with you on vacations or give you some extra light when reading at night. Another super cool thing about it is that it is that there are no switches because this tiny but powerful light is sufficiently optically controlled. It is automatic and turns on instantly when it gets dark and turns off when it gets bright. Bedroom, kids room, babies rooms, laundry room, basement, living room or hotel room – it fits everywhere. You can buy this amazingly practical and energy saving light for a great price for such a useful little device, here, at Amazon.



Egg Separator

If you are a student or just new to cooking you might have a hard time with separating egg yolks from egg whites. The good news for you is that the internet always has solutions to all our problems. The 3 in 1 egg separator makes dealing with eggs less messy, easier and a lot more fun, not only for beginners but for the experienced in the kitchen too.


Raised edge keeps the mess from happening right before your eyes and helps you crack eggs like your mom. It prevents dripping all over your bowls and pretty much everywhere else where the egg shouldn’t end up.
It helps you finish your recipe without yolk or egg whites interfering one another in the bowl. It fits any bawl and doesn’t slip from where you leave it.

Improve your cooking skills faster and separate that yolk from egg white once and for all, with your egg 3 in 1 separator here.




Tiny MP3 music player

Who says you can’t have some quality music time with a cheap mp3 player? This tiny little fella is here to make you enjoy your chosen 8GB of pure audible pleasure.


It’s time for you to be introduced to (probably) the cheapest mp3 player in the world. It comes with no USB, no headphone cables and no strings attached. This means you can pick your headphones and the quality of sound, while this simple and powerful little device plays all the songs for you. It is as small as your thumb and has a mini clip so you can attach it anywhere you like and carry it in your pocket without having to deal with bulkiness. Angelo Caro mini mp3 player supports up to 8 GB micro SD card, just like many other (much more expensive) mp3 players, so there’s not much to lose there.

You can order you super cheap mp3 experience for a steal here.


Fish eye, wide angle, and up-close phone camera attachments

For those of us who love taking photos, regular built-in phone cameras can be really limiting when it comes to options available. If you want to pretend you are a bit more like DSLR pro in taking your photos, there are cheap but awesome lenses available online that will make your photos look like you imagined them to be.

Oh yes, the famous problem of not being able to catch the moment on camera the way you wanted to, but a Universal clip-on 3 in 1 lens kit will really save your day, or better said – photo. In one online order, you will get Fisheye, Wide Angle and Micro camera lenses, and that’s really something to work with. The photos will not get blurry, no sir. These lenses might be cheap, but they give the top quality results and a high clarity you are looking for. Now you can capture details at a very close up to the face range and give your photos a bit different vibe.

You can order your 3 in 1 lens kit for a bargain.



Quidditch fidget spinner


If you are still in pain from realization you are just a Muggle who didn’t receive their Hogwarts letter, don’t disappear. You will probably never be cool enough because you can’t fly on a broom, have Mooney to teach you and use spells, but that doesn’t mean you are completely lost. There is a fidget spinner out there perfect for you. A Golden Snitch for Muggles like you and me.

Maybe you can’t kill Voldemort or play Quidditch, but you can kill your anxiety and beat stress almost like everyone else in 2017. Almost like everyone else, because there are many fidget spinners out there, but the golden snitch spinner is a real deal. Have fun as a real Harry Potter fan. You spin this before the other team’s spinner. You spin this Potter, and Gryffindor wins.

150 points for Gryffindor.

You can pretend you are not a Muggle for under $5 and buy the golden snitch spinner here.



Multi-Function Portable Spider Flexible Grip Holder for Smartphones and Tablets

Did you know that spiders, apart from being scary and causing you to be paranoid, can also hold your tablet? The answer to this question is Reinar Universal Spider flexible grip holder, probably the easiest to love spider out there.


Made of super soft rubber on the outside, and alloy metal on the inside, these spooky hairy legs hold your tablet or phone in place without causing any damage to your device. It is universal and applicable to all phone models, but that’s not all. These legs can also hold your Kindle, mp3, digital camera or even books size in 6 inches or below. Get comfortable in your favorite position and let the spider grip holder do the rest. You can use it as a GPS holder in your car or even bike, indoors or outdoors, like a real spider, it adapts easily and goes where you want it to.

Practical little fella.

Spider grip holder for your tablet, phone, camera or e-book is available here.


Switch blade comb

Prepare your beards, gentlemen. If you are a true beardster at heart, you will definitely need this. Let the Switch blade comb awaken a real bearded gentleman and get all eyes on you, with perfectly combed 2017. lady-magnet.


Everything a man owns must be a high quality and show exceptional performance and if you think comb can be an exception, you are wrong. Designed as a switchblade knife and opens as a knife tough guys have in movies, this is a comb that will make you feel like a star. After all, of course, you’ll look sharp, you’ll comb your beard with a knife. Just push the button and with a flick of a wrist, just like in the last century Hollywood movie, you will have your tough guy comb out, ready to charm and make you look cooler than ever.

You can get this cool item on Amazon here.


LED tap light

Give an applause for an item that will make every bathroom look like a 5-star hotel. LED tap light is a new way to level-up your bathroom ambiance.


Bathrooms are probably the least luxurious places in your home and probably on Earth. But, with 7 changing colors, this LED tap head can make every visit to the bathroom a luxurious experience. It not only lights up the bathroom creatively giving you a waterfall of light but is aesthetically pleasing and the light turns on automatically as soon as you turn on the tap. It works under water pressure and has great corrosion resistance, so you can enjoy your mini light show for a long time. You also won’t have to worry will it fit your tap or does your tap have a predisposition be luxurious, as the design of this LED water faucet allows it to fit almost every tap and makes every visit to the bathroom more fun.

This LED tap light can be found on Amazon here!




Stainless Steel Hip Flask Alcohol Flagon with Key Chain

We all need some mood boost during the day. The news is that the boost can go everywhere with you in a form of your favorite booze in a key chain flask. You can have 1oz of your favourite liquor and carry it with a style James Bond would be jealous of.


This mini flask with key chain is made in Brittish fashion from stainless steel and is there to help you relax, prepare yourself for a party or a concert, a family visit, facing a mother in law, a date or whatever stresses you out. The mini flask can store any type of liquor, from orange juice to whiskey, you choose your favorite. It fits in a pocket and the stainless steel finish makes drinking stylishly sophisticated, no one would even notice there is some hidden booze among your keys in your stylish key chain.


You can order it from Amazon for only a couple of dollars.


Star Wars bottle opener


Your favorite beer won’t open without the use of force and who could help you open it better than Lord Darth Wader himself. The force will always be with you in a shape of a bottle opener to help you deal with any unopened bottle that comes your way. This alloy metal opener is a real gift for Star Wars fans, as well as those who enjoy a good drink (or both). With the size of 6 x 5.5 cm, it fits well anywhere from your pocket to key chain, it isn’t heavy and it is made of quality material to be durable for your drinking endeavours. It’s is unique and practical which makes it a perfect gift for a Star Wars fan.

May the force be with you when opening your favourite beer. You can go to the dark side for only a few bucks and order at Amazon:


You can go to the dark side for a few bucks and order at Amazon.



LED Ice cubes

Party up, girls and boys. Regular ice cubes are overrated and just don’t cut it anymore. This is the new era of ice cubes, so prepare your glasses for the flashing LED multi-color ice cube.


Filled with freezable jell and simple on/off mode, this LED little device is great for those who like to get creative on every occasion, whether it’s a crazy party or chilling home with your homies. The battery can last for almost 20 hours and this will add some extra fun and disco funk to your drink, lighting your glass all night long. Putting these in your glass is a simple, but powerful way to make a party more memorable. A high-quality design allows a rainbow mode, but also can be locked in 8 different colors.

Raise your glasses in the air and add some disco light in your cocktail for only a few bucks. Buy it now.




Keyboard vacuum

Ok, chances are there are so many crumbs in your keyboard you could make a sandwich. Luckily, there is a cheap solution to make your keyboard clean as new again. This Mini USB computer keyboard cleaner with two suction nozzles, one of them with a highly effective brush, will really clean the deepest, darkest parts of your keyboard and go where the other cleaners are afraid to go. You don’t need an hour to have a clean keyboard and don’t have to take all the keys out and then put them all back together. You also don’t have to worry about the crumbs, dirt, and dust anymore. This USB cleaner is portable and small enough to carry everywhere you go, so it makes cleaning a lot easier and even fun. No more excuses for having a keyboard looking like a dumpster.

You can make your keyboard clean again for probably the amount of money that you can find between the couch cushions, buy it now.



How did you enjoy our list of best things on Amazon under 5$? Did you find something that you like? If not or even if you did you can see one of our other list of Amazon products that sell for less than $10. We liked them maybe you will too.

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